You can also read alert information on the Homeland Security Alerts web page.


Emergency Alerts Notification System

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Stay Safe During a Heat Wave
Helpful Links for Dealing with the Heat

Hazards in Our Area

Learn about the various disasters and emergencies that can happen within Sacramento County, and how to prepare for them.

Prepare your emergency kit

First aid kit, water, medication, contacts information. Find out what to include in your emergency kit.

Evacuation Plans

In the event of an emergency that requires citizens to evacuate to a safe area, there are agreed-upon strategies already in place to ensure the process is handled as smoothly as possible. This plan also takes into account the many people with access and functional needs and the elderly who might need additional support in an evacuation.


Sacramento OES Disaster Preparedness

Sacramento OES Disaster Preparedness Video

For Your Information

Make a Communications Plan

Your family may not be together when an emergency happens.

Emergencies Affect Pets, Too

Plan ahead to make sure your pets are safe in an emergency.

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