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Are You Prepared For An Emergency?

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Sacramento Ready is a regional partnership of local government working to provide emergency preparation and response information to people in the Sacramento area.

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Cold Weather Here

With cold temperatures upon us, take precautions to keep yourself and your pets warm and dry and check on neighbors who may need extra assistance. Take a moment to prepare for your family’s safety:

Always Be Flood Ready


Report storm related hazards to 311.


Know your individual flood risks and if you live near a waterway, you can monitor creek and river levels through our ALERT system on Report water problems to 875-RAIN. For localized flooding, flooding, downed trees or branches on the roadway, call 875-5171.

For specific water levels, visit

For road closures in the unincorporated county, go to SacDOT and click on road closures in right column.

City and County Emergency Operations, Evacuation Plans and County Mass Care and Shelter Plan

Response plans for you and local officials in the event of an emergency

In the event of an emergency that requires citizens to evacuate to a safe area, there are agreed-upon strategies already in place to ensure the process is handled as smoothly as possible. This plan also takes into account the many people with access and functional needs and the elderly who might need additional support in an evacuation.

Stay Connected and Informed

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