Air Quality

The air we breathe is vital to our lives, but because of air pollution it may not always be safe to breathe. Protective measures you can take during events of poor air quality are provided below. We’ve also provided tips on how you can help reduce air pollution.

How to Protect Your Family from the Health Effects of Smoke – Familiarize yourself with the actions to take in case of a smoke emergency.

Air Pollution Facts – Learn about the air pollution, who it affects and ways to reduce it.

Things to do to Spare the Air – Simple tips on how to reduce pollutants in our environment and your home.

Current Air Quality Conditions – Check out the Air Quality Index forecast in your area.

Air Quality Index Activity Chart - Recommended restrictions on outdoor activities on poor air quality days.

Air Alert – Sign up to be notified when air quality is forecasted to be unhealthy.

Protect the air quality in your home

The Inside Story: A Guide to Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Hazards Every Homeowner Should Know About...



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