Emergency Plans

Sacramento County Emergency Operations, Evacuation Plans and County Mass Care and Shelter Plan

Response plans for you and local officials in the event of an emergency

Emergency plans and associated annexes are developed and maintained by the Office of Emergency Services (OES).  The Sacramento County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) addresses extraordinary emergency situations associated with human-caused disasters, natural disasters, technological incidents and/or emergencies, and national security incidents and/or emergencies affecting or within Sacramento County. Emergency Support Functions (ESFs) that represent a set of core emergency response categories provide the structure for coordinating interagency response to an incident/emergency within Sacramento County are addressed in the EOP. Responding agencies may include public and non-government organizations. 

In the event of an emergency that requires citizens to evacuate to a safe area, there are agreed-upon strategies already in place to ensure the evacuation process is handled as smoothly and effectively as possible. The Sacramento County Evacuation Plan also takes into account the many people with disabilities, the elderly, and others with access and functional needs who may need additional support in an evacuation.

Below is a list of the emergency response plans for you and local officials in the event of an emergency:

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